Visitation guidelines remain at level red in Ohio and Florida

Although some counties in Ohio are now purple (the highest risk level) on the state’s color-coded COVID-19 advisory system, we are not changing our visitation level to purple at any location at this time. All locations in Ohio and Florida remain at visitation level red.

Please ensure all signage at your locations reflect the red level visitation guidelines. This means inpatients are allowed one designated visitor throughout their hospital stay. Outpatients may only bring visitors in special circumstances. View more details.

Please remember we are using COVID-19 metrics and public health data to determine the state-wide visitation color and corresponding guidance to implement in Ohio and Florida, for all locations in each state. Color-coded risk levels determined for each county by the state of Ohio do not determine that the same colored visitation level applies to our hospitals in a particular county. We have also compared our approach with that of other hospital systems to ensure our metrics are aligned.

In Florida, the governor’s emergency declaration order applies to the entire state. Florida remains at level 1, the state’s highest risk level.

A multi-disciplinary taskforce, including representatives from Infectious Disease, Operations, Nursing and other departments and institutes, meets regularly to review caregiver positivity rates, community prevalence of COVID-19 and state-determined risk levels collectively. This helps us determine whether our visitation level should change in either Ohio and/or Florida.

We will continue to be vigilant in how we assess our needs as we receive new data. Check the Alerts section on the intranet for visitation level updates.