We Partnered with Epic to Create COVID-19 Care Plan for Home Monitoring

We Partnered with Epic to Create COVID-19 Care Plan for Home Monitoring

Cleveland Clinic and Epic have released a home monitoring program to help patients track COVID-19 symptoms while sheltering in place. Patients who have or are suspected to have COVID-19 are enrolled in a 14-day interactive care plan through Epic’s MyChart Care Companion, where they enter symptoms, temperature and oxygen once a day. 

More than just a symptom checking app, it empowers patients to actively monitor themselves so they can notice if their condition is changing and know that Cleveland Clinic caregivers are notified for help when needed.

For clinicians, the program offers a way to check in on patients remotely while continuing care. If a patient indicates that their symptoms are worsening, a message is sent to an outbreak monitoring group so clinicians can intervene.

Providers, learn more in this reference guide.

Related tool: COVID-19 Express Lane enables clinicians to document COVID-19 related encounters in one screen.

Daily CEO Update

Daily CEO Update

Fellow Caregivers,

Seeing is believing. Today’s video of our G60 intensive care team is an illustration of hope. Through teamwork, compassion and innovation, Cleveland Clinic caregivers are leading the way.

This morning, I appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. It was another opportunity to share how we are navigating the COVID-19 pandemic nationally and in our home state of Ohio. Watch the interview.

There are several new actions we have taken in our response, such as:

  • Converting the Health Education Campus into a surge hospital of 1,000 beds. We plan for it to be ready by April 18.
  • Launching rapid testing for symptomatic patients in our emergency departments, intensive care units and Labor and Delivery. We are scaling up capacity with rapid tests processed at main campus, Akron General, Fairview and Hillcrest hospitals, and Martin Health System.
  • Supporting non-English speaking patients by offering an interpreter for virtual visits. We have translated screening questions and public health resources.
  • Issuing iPads to our hospital units in Ohio, connecting inpatients with COVID-19 to their loved ones. Our Florida hospitals are working on a similar process.

We are equally committed to caring for our caregivers with these new programs:

  • A 24/7 phone line staffed by our behavioral health clinicians for confidential emotional support.
  • Housing program for eligible caregivers in Ohio and Florida who provide direct patient care and wish to shelter away from high-risk members of their families.
  • Laundered scrubs for northeast Ohio caregivers who are providing continuous care to patients who have tested positive or are suspected positive.
  • Pop-up market on main campus to sell household essentials, such as fresh produce, dairy and paper products.

As is becoming a new tradition, I will end today’s update with a quote from our kudoboard:

“During this trying time, I have seen so many caregivers lend a helping hand when needed, even if it's not in their job description, to be there for each other when we are happy, sad or scared. The amount of support we are giving each other is out of this world.”

Thank you for everything that you do.

Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President

Free Coaching Services Available for Staff Support During COVID-19

Free Coaching Services Available for Staff Support During COVID-19

The Center for Excellence in Coaching and Mentoring (CECM) has partnered with the Mandel Global Leadership and Learning Institute (GLLI) to introduce a new 1:1 external coaching service available immediately to all professional Staff who are at the front lines fighting COVID-19.

From now to June 30, we are offering additional external services through world-class executive coaching provider, BetterUp, as a complement to CECM’s existing peer coaching services.

These additional services are offered to further help support our Staff in these times of uncertainty and anxiety in which extreme levels of performance are being demanded.

You will work with a specially trained executive coach through 30 minute video sessions, which can be scheduled at any time via mobile or desktop. Also, your coach will be available via text 24/7.

How do I get started? 

  1. Sign up for 1:1 coaching. If possible, use Google Chrome as your browser.
  2. Create your account using your Cleveland Clinic work email address. Confirm your account via email by clicking, “Get started.”
  3. Complete your profile (2 minutes) and discover your strengths (10-15 minutes). You can do this in the BetterUp app on your mobile device, or on a web browser (Google Chrome if possible).
  4. Schedule virtual sessions with your external coach within the platform.

Peer-coaching options are still also available through CECM and provide additional support by building relationships and community, which is critical and impactful during this time. If you are interested in connecting with a Peer Coach through CECM, email StaffCoachingMentoring@ccf.org.

Dr. Mihaljevic visits ICU to see COVID-19 care

Dr. Mihaljevic visits ICU to see COVID-19 care

Fellow caregivers,

There is nothing more rewarding than to watch you come together as a team in service to others.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to visit the care team at G60 on main campus.

G60 is a medical intensive care unit. It is one of several in our health system dedicated to addressing the complex needs of patients with COVID-19.

Watch the video above to see what I learned from these special caregivers.

In addition to G60, we have units at Hillcrest, Fairview and Marymount hospitals. I plan to visit them.

We have observed and studied the pandemic. Now, our teams are shining in their response.

You are a model of excellence for others in healthcare.

Thank you for your leadership and your teamwork. You are appreciated.

Dr. Mijahlevic |  Cleveland Clinic

Tom Mihaljevic, MD
CEO and President