How long does it take to recover after a vasectomy?

Most men recover completely in less than a week. Everyday activities can be resumed the day after surgery unless the activities are unusually vigorous. Men surveyed after percutaneous vasectomy report full recovery in an average of 8-9 days.

When is it safe to have sex?

Sexual activity can be resumed within a few days after a vasectomy, but precautions should be taken against pregnancy until sperm counts show that the semen is free of sperm. In general, a semen analysis is completed about 3 months after a vasectomy.

After a vasectomy, can I stop using other birth control methods right away?

No. Sperm can remain in the vas deferens above the area of the procedure for weeks or even months after a vasectomy. A semen test is done three to four months after the procedure. If the result meets American Urological Association guidelines, you are considered sterile. If sperm is seen, the semen test is repeated. Until then, you must continue to use other birth control to prevent pregnancy.

Can I have a vasectomy reversed later if I choose?

While vasectomy reversal is an option after vasectomy if fertility restoration is desired, vasectomy should be considered a permanent means of birth control. Men who are married or in a serious relationship also should discuss this issue with their partners. If you're thinking about a reversal now, perhaps you should take more time to decide whether a vasectomy is right for you.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 05/07/2019.


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