What is the recovery period after having an oophorectomy?

If your surgeon performs your surgery using laparoscopy or a vaginal approach, you may be able to leave the hospital the same day. Patients who have a larger incision (laparotomy) spend between two to four days in the hospital.

Patients are usually told to start walking the same day of their surgery and are able to eat and drink regular foods. Once home, patients are told to hold off from heavy lifting or exercise for a number of weeks. Before leaving the hospital, you will be told how to clean and care for your incision sites.

Your surgeon will tell you what pain medication you can take. Call your surgeon immediately if you have too much pain or bleeding.

What is the long-term outlook for someone who has had an oophorectomy?

Most women are able to resume their normal daily lives two to six weeks after surgery. Hormone replacement therapy can help those who have undergone a bilateral oophorectomy deal with symptoms caused by menopause.

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