Frequently asked questions about the stereotactic spine radiosurgery (SRS) procedure

Will the treatment hurt? Patients have described the experience as similar to having a chest X-ray. There may be some temporary, mild discomfort after the treatment, but for the majority of patients there are no symptoms related to the procedure. There is no incision required.

What is the recovery time? This is an outpatient procedure with essentially no recovery time, and you can resume normal activities as soon as you feel able.

How will I be limited after treatment? There are generally no limitations to your normal level of activity because of the treatment. Any restrictions will be discussed with you by your physician.

What special instructions will I have to follow before and after treatment? There are no special instructions. If your symptoms change at any time following the procedure, notify your radiosurgery treatment team immediately.

Can I receive (or will I need) the treatment more than once? You can potentially receive the treatment more than once. This will be determined based on your clinical condition and MRI scans.

What if I am claustrophobic? Your doctor should be able to recommend strategies to help you manage your claustrophobia.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 01/31/2019.

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