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There are many issues facing those who undergo a heart transplant. It is best to understand these considerations prior to undergoing the procedure and then following the recommendations your health care team give you afterward to live a healthier, quality life. The Cleveland Clinic Heart Transplant team works with you each step of the way - from evaluation to recovery. A full patient guide to heart transplant can be found on the transplant website.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation Heart Transplant program began in 1984, when six transplants were performed. Since then, the program has become one of the largest in the United States. Each year we have expanded our staff of nurses and doctors to care for the growing population of heart transplant recipients.

  • For more information about Heart Transplant at the Cleveland Clinic, contact the Heart Transplant Center.
  • Learn more about Heart Failure innovative treatments, and the Kaufman Center for Heart Failure, which consists of physicians and surgeons who are dedicated to research and treatment of heart failure.

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