This procedure is aimed at removing protruding fat from underneath the upper eyelids and the excess skin that gathers at the upper lid itself. It is an outpatient procedure and requires only local anesthesia (pain medicine applied at the surgical sites). Incisions are carefully placed in the natural crease of the upper lid and thus are invisible when the eyes are open. The excess skin and protruding fat are removed and the incision is carefully closed.

The entire procedure can be completed in approximately 30 minutes; in most cases, post-operative pain is minimal. Particularly appealing to patients is the very short recuperation period. Swelling, puffiness (both of which are managed with ice) and bruising may last a few days, but most patients are fully recovered after one week. Upper eyelid surgery is often combined with a brow lift to achieve optimal rejuvenation results. Patients diagnosed with dry eye syndrome (a lubrication deficiency) may not be candidates for upper lid blepharoplasty.