What are the risks of the procedure?

This is generally a very safe procedure and special precautions are taken to decrease the risk of complications. However, as with any surgical procedure, there are risks. Your doctor will discuss the specific risks and potential benefits of the recommended procedure with you.

Complications that can happen after endovascular aneurysm repair include leaking of blood around the graft, the graft moving away from its initial placement and the stent breaking. Complications that are rare but serious include paralysis, delayed rupture of the aneurysm or infection. Other risks may be possible.

When you meet with your doctor, please ask questions to make sure you understand the risks of the procedure, outcomes and why the procedure is recommended.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

As with any surgical procedure, you will feel a bit tired for a few weeks. You may develop an inflammatory response as blood stops flowing through the aneurysm. The inflammation may cause a low-grade fever (temperatures to 100 or 101) make you feel like you have the flu, but the symptoms will go away in several days.

You will not notice the stent itself. You should notice no difference in your ability to perform daily activities, and you should be able to get back to all of your regular activities without any restrictions.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 04/29/2019.

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