What are some commonly used postmenopausal hormones?

The following charts list the names of some, but not all, postmenopausal hormones.

  • Type: Estrogen Pills
    • Brand Names: Cenestin®, Estinyl®, Estrace®, Menest®, Ogen®, Premarin®, Femtrace®
  • Type: Cream
    • Brand Names: Estrace®, Ogen®, Premarin®
  • Type: Vaginal ring
    • Brand Names: Estring®, Femring®
  • Type: Vaginal tablet
    • Brand Names: Vagifem®
  • Type: Patch
    • Brand Names: Alora®, Climara®, Minivelle®, Estraderm®, Vivelle®, Vivelle-Dot®, Menostar®
  • Progestin Types: Pills/Capsules
    • Brand Names: Amen®, Aygestin®, Curretab®, Cycrin®, Megace®, Prometrium®, Provera®
  • Progestin Types: Vaginal Gel
    • Brand Names: Prochieve® progesterone gel 4%, 8%
  • Combination Types: Pills
    • Brand Names: Activella®, FemHRT®, Premphase®, Prempro®, Angeliq®
  • Combination Types: Patch
    • Brand Names: CombiPatch®, Climara-Pro®

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 01/16/2017.


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