What are the advantages of the male sling procedure?

The male sling procedure is not a major surgery. One of the advantages is that the male sling procedure only requires a small incision in the perineum (between the scrotum base and the anus). Because of this small incision, the recovery time is fairly short. Most patients have their catheters stay in for one to three days depending on surgeon preference.

What are the risks and complications of the male sling procedure?

Complications are rare with the male sling procedure. However, if complications do occur, they can include:

  • Inability to urinate (retention of urine) – This is the most common problem after surgery, and may require catheter reinsertion for another week or two. In very rare cases, a second surgical procedure may be needed to resolve this issue.
  • Bleeding and infection (especially of the mesh or the bone area and pubic bone)—This is a rare complication.
  • Erosion—This is a rare complication.
  • Recurrent leakage of urine

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