What happens after the male sling procedure?

Following your surgery, you may have a catheter exiting from the urethra for a short period of time. The catheter is in place to allow you to empty your bladder since there may be swelling after surgery that makes it difficult to urinate. After the swelling goes down, you will gradually be able to urinate on your own and empty your bladder well. However, your normal pattern of urination may not return for a few weeks. You can resume a normal diet after surgery.

What is the outcome of the male sling procedure?

The majority of men undergoing the male sling procedure are either cured (pad free) or markedly improved afterward. Men who do not have a good result, or who have recurrent urinary leakage at a later date, are still good candidates for an artificial urinary sphincter (another device used to treat urinary incontinence after prostate surgery). Your doctor will discuss any additional procedures you may need in the future and will help develop a plan with you.

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