How do I get started with kangaroo care?

Your nurse will discuss kangaroo care with you. General instructions for performing kangaroo care are as follows:

  • Remove your bra and wear a blouse or shirt that opens in the front. (A hospital gown that opens in the front can be made available for your use.) Screens will be provided for your privacy.
  • The baby, wearing only a diaper and hat, will be placed on your bare chest in an upright position.
  • Cover the baby with your shirt, gown, or a blanket.
  • Now simply relax and enjoy this unique bonding experience.
  • Plan on holding your baby for at least one hour four or more times a week.
  • Let your baby rest. This is not a time to play with your baby.

Fathers can provide kangaroo care for their babies too. The different feel of the father's body will provide different stimulation to the baby.

For further information, please contact your baby's nurse.

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