How is immunotherapy performed?

Immunotherapy is performed as infusion. You get an intravenous infusion into a vein at a medical facility.

How long will I get immunotherapy?

You may get immunotherapy daily, weekly, monthly or in a cycle. With cyclic immunotherapy, you take a rest period after treatment. The break gives your body time to produce healthy cells. Treatment length depends on:

  • Cancer type and stage.
  • Type of immunotherapy drug.
  • Your body’s response to treatment.

What should I expect after immunotherapy?

Unlike chemotherapy, immunotherapy may not always cause tumor shrinkage. Rarely, tumors temporarily swell or get bigger as immune cells attack the cancer even when patients are feeling great. This phenomenon is known as pseudoprogression. The term means that a tumor only appears to be worsening and patients may still be deriving benefit.

You’ll need to see your healthcare provider often to track treatment response. You may have frequent physical exams, blood tests and imaging scans.

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