How is micropigmentation done?

Typically, micropigmentation can be performed in an office setting. The procedure will be performed with a pen-like instrument or standard tattoo gun. Your doctor or specialist should wear medical gloves when performing the procedure. The procedure itself will take a short amount of time, perhaps 20 minutes to a half hour at most. If you are receiving anesthesia, you will be required to arrive earlier in order to let the anesthesia take effect. After the procedure, your specialist or doctor will provide you with an antiseptic to cleanse the treated region.

What is the follow-up care after a micropigmentation procedure?

Some patients may require more than one treatment. Make sure you understand exactly how many treatments you will need. As the pigment fades over the years, you also may have to undergo additional treatments to maintain the look.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 04/15/2016.


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