What happens after the procedure?

Once the bone marrow harvest is complete, you will be taken to the recovery room. The recovery room nurse will help you wake up. The nurse will check your vital signs – including blood pressure and pulse – every 15 minutes until they are stable. The nurse will also check your hip bandage for bleeding. You will stay in the recovery room for about an hour.

You will likely feel tired. Your throat might be sore and dry from the tube used to help you breathe during surgery. You should not try to drink anything until the nurse tells you it is okay, and then you should start slowly. Let your nurse know if you become nauseated. When you can tolerate fluids, the IV will be removed.

After anesthesia, it is important to change positions, take deep breaths, and cough periodically. You may go to the bathroom with the nurse’s assistance.

When it is time for you to go home, you will meet with the discharge nurse, who will explain the home-going instructions and any other special instructions. Someone must be with you to drive you home after the procedure.

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