Online Health Chat with Meg Duffy, MS, BSN, RN & Lydia Pitts, MSN, RN, NE-BC

September 13, 2017


There are nearly 22,000 nursing caregivers on staff to bring Cleveland Clinic-quality care to each and every patient. With a variety of job placement options, continuing education programs that include certification preparation, observation opportunities and our extensive benefits, Cleveland Clinic remains a leading nursing institution among the nation’s top health care systems. Join us as two experienced and influential nurses share their career advice.

Nurses work at the center of the patient experience, and their ability to manage and respond to changing and challenging situations is essential for the best possible patient experience. They need to continually assess, plan, implement and evaluate care, all while making critical decisions and providing quality and compassionate care.

Our reputation for nursing excellence is rooted in understanding these challenges and our longstanding tradition of investing in our team. Opportunities are available for students, new nurses and experienced nurses. Because of our close partnerships with some of the top schools in the nation, we’re recruiting the best and the brightest! We take pride in mentoring and developing new nursing professionals, challenging them early in their careers and offering student nurse employment options, educational rotations and self-directed learning formats, all in a fast-paced, technologically advanced environment. Our nurses are equal partners in delivering superior care to our patients and compassion to their families — and it is that commitment that makes Cleveland Clinic more than a hospital system.

About the Speaker

Meg Duffy, MS, BSN, RN, possesses more than thirty years of Cleveland Clinic experience in the nursing field with a diverse background in nurse recruitment and clinical operations. A constant promoter of events and resources supporting the profession of nursing in her community, Meg is a thought leader in awareness and outreach efforts. As senior director of staffing and university outreach for Cleveland Clinic’s Zielony Nursing Institute, Meg‘s current work includes the recent consolidation of nine enterprise staffing offices into a 24/7 operation located in a neutral location. As a division of Cleveland Clinic Nursing Institute Centralized Staffing Operations, Meg is also responsible for the strategic planning and operations of the enterprise RN float pool. Meg works closely with Talent Acquisition/Nurse Recruitment and Nursing Education & Professional Development in the management and growth of the Nurse Associate Externship Program. Meg works collaboratively with Nurse Recruitment, representing Cleveland Clinic Nursing Institute at college and university nursing career events outside of Ohio. Meg has extensive knowledge in health care recruitment and retention, clinical operations and strategic management, which has been fine-tuned through diverse leadership positions. She has demonstrated passion and enthusiasm for the profession of nursing in a variety of channels. Along with Cleveland Clinic Nursing Institute, Meg works with community nursing organizations including the Cleveland Council of Black Nurses, Northeast Ohio National Hispanic Nurses Association and the Philippine Nurses Association, Ohio Chapter. Meg began her career with Cleveland Clinic’s Lakewood Hospital, first as a licensed practical nurse and then as a registered nurse, working in critical care, medical surgical, OR, peri-operative and PACU. She later served as director of nurse recruitment for Cleveland Clinic’s eight community hospitals. Prior to her current position, Meg was director of Cleveland Clinic’s non-clinical recruitment and director of nurse recruitment.

Lydia Pitts, MSN, RN, NE-BC, recently began as director of human resources, Talent Acquisition Nursing. She is responsible for the professional recruitment of Cleveland Clinics NEO Hospital system, ambulatory surgical centers and regional operations. Lydia was the clinical nurse manager for the cardiac step-down/medical surgical VIP unit and the discharge area/hospitality suite at Cleveland Clinic. Lydia’s nursing specialties include medical and surgical cardiothoracic/vascular, orthopedic, colorectal, urological, neurological and transplant. Lydia started at Cleveland Clinic in 1997 as a student nurse at Cleveland State University. She began her nursing career as a staff nurse in 2002 on G91, cardiac step-down. She served as assistant nurse manager from 2004 until 2006 at which time she became a nurse recruiter in the Human Resource Department. She returned to nursing in 2008 as nurse manager of 1921 suites and the discharge area/hospitality suite. She has served as the co-chair of the hospital-wide Nurse Manager Council. Lydia has presented on topics such as Patient Experience: Nurse Managers Dedicated to The Path of Success, Employee Engagement: Success Stories and The Evolution of a Discharge Lounge.

Let’s Chat About What It’s Like to Be a Cleveland Clinic Nurse

Ms. Duffy and Ms. Pitts, thank you for taking the time to be with us and share your thoughts about Cleveland Clinic nursing.

New to Nursing

SallyKy: I'm a new nursing school graduate, and I'm looking for some interview advice. What types of questions should I be prepared for? What do hospitals look for in new hires?

Lydia_Pitts,_MSN,_RN,_NE-BC: Hi. Thank you for your great question. Cleveland Clinic Talent Acquisition/Nurse Recruitment utilizes behavioral-based interview questions. My suggestion to better prepare is to think about examples of clinical situations, teamwork, and patient and family interactions you've experienced. Nurse managers seek candidates who are passionate and empathetic.

Kristinst: I have already looked on your job listings and didn't see very many opportunities for student nurses/nurse interns. I'm interested in knowing what is available and how we go about the application process. Thank you in advance.

Meg_Duffy,_MS,_BSN,_RN: Hello. We offer many opportunities for students, such as our Nurse Associate Externship, PRN PCNA positions and clinical technician positions. I would recommend sending an email to for additional information.

Jtruth333: Is it more advantageous to the hiring process to already be a PCNA or clinical tech when applying for new grad positions?

Meg_Duffy,_MS,_BSN,_RN: Certainly these roles provide great experience in preparation for a new grad role, but we value all new grad applicants.

Concerning the Clinic

BillBros: What do you like best about working at Cleveland Clinic?

Meg_Duffy,_MS,_BSN,_RN: Hi Bill. I love your question. I could go on and on, but to answer your question, I'd have to say first and foremost, I like working with caregivers who share a passion for patient care and Cleveland Clinic's mission of putting patients first. The vast opportunities for development and professional growth really help to support life-long learning.

ClaireTee: Cleveland Clinic is a huge organization. How do you communicate information to your nurses? I feel like I could get lost in the crowd because I'm used to working for much smaller hospitals.

Meg_Duffy,_MS,_BSN,_RN: Hi. From the clinical aspect, nursing units conduct change-of-shift huddles to share patient- and unit-centric information. The huddles are interactive, with each caregiver participating in the process. This allows the timely communication of patient information to the oncoming shift. Outside of clinical communication, there are numerous newsletters and a robust nursing intranet, as well as other electronic communications.

KellyCDo the nurses at Cleveland Clinic get to work with leading-edge technology? Do you do anything with simulation labs?

Lydia_Pitts,_MSN,_RN,_NE-BC: We are proud of our fast-paced, technologically advanced environment that allows nurses to learn, grow and remain professionally challenged while shaping their careers according to their own interests. The Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence houses a state-of-the-art simulation lab.

Seriously Searching

Taraberra: What is the best way to learn more about a hospital's nursing program: job fair, recruitment event, web site? The amount of information to take in can be overwhelming.

Lydia_Pitts,_MSN,_RN,_NE-BC: Hi. My recommendation is to use a combination of what you've mentioned along with optimizing your on-site clinical rotations. Get to know the staff, management team and support staff, and really get a feel for the unit and the culture.

Sheldonwest: What positions are you currently looking to fill? What area has the most need?

Lydia_Pitts,_MSN,_RN,_NE-BC: Nursing is a dynamic field, and there are always opportunities along the continuum of care. We empower and encourage professional growth and development. Due to the size of our organization, there are many possibilities available. To see our current positions, visit

Benefit Bonus

Dougblazz: How do your pay and benefits compare with other hospitals? What about retirement packages?

Lydia_Pitts,_MSN,_RN,_NE-BC: We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.  For more information feel free to visit

Nursebetty1: Do you offer tuition reimbursement? How do you help nurses who want to go back for their advanced degrees?

Meg_Duffy,_MS,_BSN,_RN: Yes, we do offer tuition reimbursement and are proud to say that a large population of our nurses take advantage of this benefit. The Nursing Institute advocates for life-long learning and supports our nurses on their journeys to further their education.


That is all the time we have for questions today. Thank you, Ms. Duffy and Ms. Pitts, for taking time to talk to us about nursing at Cleveland Clinic.

On behalf of Cleveland Clinic, we want to thank you for attending our online health chat. We hope you found it to be helpful and informative. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of choosing Cleveland Clinic for your health concerns, please visit us online at

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