How are balance problems diagnosed?

Doctors diagnose balance problems with a physical exam. They will ask about your symptoms and medical history. Tests doctors use to identify the cause of balance problems include:

  • Balance test: A doctor asks you to move your head and body in specific ways to identify balance disorders.
  • Hearing and ear tests: Measuring balance mechanisms and hearing ability helps doctors identify problems in the ears.
  • Imaging: An MRI or CT scan enables doctors to see any issues in the ears or brain.

How are balance problems managed or treated?

Doctors usually manage balance problems by treating the condition or disorder causing them. Common treatments for balance problems include:

  • Healthy eating and exercise to maintain normal blood pressure
  • Physical therapy (exercises to strengthen muscles to help restore balance)
  • Positioning procedures to move particles in the ear
  • Surgery to remove a tumor
  • Stopping or changing medications that cause dizziness or balance problems

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