How long does pancreatitis last?

Typically, acute pancreatitis lasts only a few days. But if you have a more severe case, it may take several weeks to months to recover. Chronic pancreatitis requires lifelong management.

Will pancreatitis go away?

With treatment, most people with acute pancreatitis completely recover.

Chronic pancreatitis is a long-lasting condition. Once it’s severely damaged, your pancreas doesn’t function properly. You need ongoing support to digest food and manage blood sugar.

Can pancreatitis return?

With chronic pancreatitis, painful episodes can come and go or persist (last a long time).

You can also have another attack of acute pancreatitis, especially if you haven’t resolved the underlying problem. For example, if you have another gallstone that blocks the opening to the pancreas, you can get acute pancreatitis again.

Is pancreatitis fatal?

Most people with a mild case of acute pancreatitis fully recover. However, those with severe pancreatitis are more likely to have life-threatening complications such as:

  • Infection of the pancreas.
  • Bleeding in the pseudocyst or damaged pancreas.
  • Heart, lung or kidney failure from spreading infection or if the pancreas leaks toxins into the blood.

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