Resource Books

  • Quill KA (ed). Teaching Children With Autism: Strategies to Enhance Communication and Socialization. New York. Delmar Publishers Inc., 1995.
  • Attwood T. Asperger Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals. Philadelphia. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1998.
  • A Parent's Guide to Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism by Sally Ozonoff, Geraldine Dawson, and James McPartland.
  • The Complete Guide to Asperger Syndrome by T. Attwood.
  • The OASIS Guide to Asperger Syndrome: Advice, Support, Insights, and Inspiration by PR Bashe and B. Kirby.
  • Asperger Syndrome Employment Workbook: An Employment Workbook for Adults with Asperger Syndrome by Roger N. Meyer.

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