Who is at risk of getting hepatitis?

You are at a higher risk of getting hepatitis if you:

  • Share needles to take drugs.
  • Practice unprotected oral and/or anal sex.
  • Have many sex partners.
  • Drink lots of alcohol.
  • Have poor nutrition.
  • Work in a hospital or nursing home.
  • Receive long-term kidney dialysis.
  • Travel to areas with poor sanitation.

How can I protect myself against viral hepatitis?

There are many ways you can reduce your chances of getting hepatitis:

  • Get the vaccines for hepatitis A and hepatitis B.
  • Use a condom during sex.
  • Don't share needles to take drugs.
  • Practice good personal hygiene such as thorough hand-washing.
  • Don't use an infected person's personal items.
  • Take precautions when getting any tattoos or body piercings.
  • Take precaution when traveling to areas of the world with poor sanitation. This should include vaccination against hepatitis A and B.

It is very important that you take these preventive measures if you participate in risky behaviors. Take preventive steps, too, if you work in places like a nursing home, dormitory, daycare center, or restaurant where there is extended contact with other people and a risk of coming into contact with the disease.

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