How are fibrocystic breast changes treated?

In the majority of cases, no treatment is needed once your doctor has determined that your breast changes are not due to cancer.

Those suffering pain or discomfort due to fibrocystic breast changes are advised to wear a good, supportive bra both day and night when symptoms are worse. It is also advised to avoid contact sports and other activities which could cause injury to the breasts. It is also advised to avoid caffeine consumption: coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate can all contribute to the pain.

Sometimes, the cyst can be completely aspirated through the needle during the biopsy, but future masses can occur in patients with fibrocystic breast changes. Future masses should be brought to the attention of your doctor as future masses can develop in areas of fibrocystic breast changes.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 04/09/2014.


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