How is amnesia treated?

There is no pill that can cure amnesia. However, amnesia can improve as the brain heals in some conditions. When memory loss is persistent, there are skills you can learn to compensate.

Cognitive rehabilitation involves teaching new skills to patients with anterograde amnesia. These might include organizational strategies (e.g., a daily white board where the date, appointments, or other important information can be easily accessed) or compensatory technology (i.e., cell phone alarms and reminders for routine tasks like medications). Success varies. Occupational therapists often perform cognitive rehabilitation. Occupational therapists also help your family and friends cope with their role as caregivers.

What medications treat amnesia?

There is no drug treatment for amnesia — yet. Some researchers are experimenting with medications typically given to Alzheimer’s patients, but the FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has yet to approve those drugs for amnesia.

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