How is micropenis treated?

Testosterone treatment

Treatment of micropenis depends on the cause of the condition and each child is different. It’s important that treatment begin in infancy or very early childhood.

The first treatment is a short course of testosterone. This treatment tests the ability of the penis to respond to the growth hormone. Testosterone can be given with an injection or applied to the area as a gel or ointment. Studies show that penile growth is good with testosterone treatment in many infants, but whether the growth continues during puberty an adulthood is not known.

Other hormonal treatments may be tried if the testosterone treatment doesn’t add length to the penis.


Surgery for micropenis is only considered when medical treatments don’t work. Surgical reconstruction (phalloplasty) of the micropenis for younger children is complicated and risky but worth exploring. Surgery for young adults and adults is more common.

If you are a man considering surgery for your micropenis, make sure you clearly understand what the risks and benefits of the surgery are for your particular situation.

Primary care physicians, pediatric endocrinologists and when necessary surgeons need to keep parents aware of all options and potential outcomes.

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