How is polyhydramnios treated?

Polyhydramnios is generally not treated if it is a mild case. Your doctor may schedule additional appointments to check on the size of the growing uterus. The baby should be born healthy and without complications.

If the size of the uterus becomes more of an issue and the condition more severe, a treatment plan can be formulated by your doctor. This plan will more than likely focus on the cause of the polyhydramnios. For example, medication can be taken to control the baby’s urine production while in the womb. Other treatments include:

What are the complications associated with polyhydramnios?

During polyhydramnios, the distended uterus puts pressure on other organs. This can cause pregnancy complications, especially if the condition shows itself early into the pregnancy. Other complications from a severe form of the condition include:

  • Mother going into labor too early
  • Baby being born too early
  • Baby growing too quickly and becoming too large while in the womb
  • Placenta detaching from uterus (placental abruption) before birth of baby
  • Mother suffering from too much bleeding (hemorrhage) after giving birth
  • Umbilical cord falling out before baby is born (umbilical cord prolapse)
  • Baby laying in wrong position in the womb (fetal malposition)
  • Baby being born without signs of life (stillbirth)

What can I do to help relieve symptoms of polyhydramnios?

If you are diagnosed with polyhydramnios, you can try to relieve the symptoms through the following ways:

  • Remain calm
  • Rest for longer periods of time
  • Be upfront with your doctor about how you envision your labor and birth process to proceed, especially if it occurs prematurely
  • Contact your doctor if you feel other symptoms occur, your belly becomes larger quickly or you are feeling fearful about the baby’s growth
  • Join an online forum to speak to other women with similar issues

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