Important information about stem cell trials

  • All stem cell studies have strict protocols, approved by the FDA and the Cleveland Clinic Institutional Review Board for inclusion and exclusion criteria. To insure you meet the criteria, patients need to be evaluated by a physician and may require specific testing at Cleveland Clinic. This testing may take more than one day to complete if you require studies or consultations with multiple physicians.
  • Stem cell trials are randomized controlled studies – not all patients who undergo evaluation for stem cell trials will receive stem cell therapy.
  • Each study has different protocols and the stem cells are accessed and administered differently, and have different criteria for follow-up. The research team will discuss all aspects of the trial with you in detail prior to signing consent and participating in the trial.
  • Patients are not given monetary compensation for testing to determine enrollment into the different studies. Once a patient meets the screening baseline criteria and informed consent has been reviewed and signed, patients are not charged for any therapy or monitoring that is directly related to the research. Travel, lodging and meals are not covered by the studies.

Cleveland Clinic is a large referral center for advanced heart disease and heart failure – we offer a wide range of therapies – including medications, devices and surgery. Patients will be evaluated for the treatments that best address their condition. Whether patients meet the criteria for stem cell therapy – or not, they will be offered the most advanced array of treatment options.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 01/03/2019.

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