Research supports a variety of benefits that can be connected to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

Certain diseases may improve with weight loss, including but not limited to:

The Women’s Obesity Management Program is designed to target women who have an associated medical condition (examples listed above) in association with weight gain; or who may be struggling with hormonal weight gain as seen in polycystic ovarian syndrome, menopausal states, thyroid disorders and others; or those who may need weight loss prior to major surgical procedures such as breast reconstruction, pelvic disorders, knee/hip replacements, and others.

Individual appointments and shared medical appointments are available. As part of this program, patients also may receive referrals to other medical providers.

Requirements: To participate in the Women’s Obesity Management program, the patient must have a physician’s referral, a body mass index of 30 or greater and have reached adult age.

For more information, call 216.444.6061.

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