Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain

This is the most common athletic injury accounting for 38-45% in some sports. 85% of all ankle injuries are of the "inversion type" (turning the ankle inward). It is the lateral or outer ligaments of the ankle that are injured.

  • Tenderness and swelling along injured ligament
  • Discoloration to ankle or foot area
  • Difficulty bearing weight due to pain
  • Rehabilitation
  • X-rays to exclude fracture (broken bone)
  • Pain control
  • Swelling control - ice area 15 minutes with/ 15 minutes without ice
  • Elevate - keep foot/ ankle elevated and supported above heart level as often as possible
  • Maintain adequate pre-post game conditioning
  • Ankle supports as recommended by health care worker (ankle stirrups)

Chronic Lateral Ankle Sprain

This is a direct result of recurrent ankle sprains associated with frequent pain, swelling and ankle "giving out".

  • Rehabilitation
  • RICE
    • rest
    • ice
    • compression
    • elevation
  • Range of motion exercises as designated by athletic trainer of healthcare provider
  • Proprioceptive training (balance techniques and strengthening exercises)
  • Surgical intervention remains controversial but is an option for reinjury in spite of rehabilitation
  • Rule out congenital abnormalities
  • Maintain adequate pre-post game conditioning
  • Recognition of chronic symptoms

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