What tests are used to diagnose Asherman’s syndrome?

Your doctor will take a medical history and will do a physical examination. Adhesions will not be found by physical examination. A cervical blockage might be indicated if an instrument is not able to enter the cervix.

Your doctor might order hormone tests to rule out endocrine problems, or he or she might use hormones to try to induce bleeding.

Another option is saline infusion sonography (SIS), also called sonohysterosonography or ultrasound of the uterus. SIS uses saline solution that flows into the uterus to make imaging clearer.

Hysterosalpingography combines an X-ray and radioactive material. The material is put into the uterus and the Fallopian tubes to indicate any type of growths or blockages.

The best way to diagnose Asherman’s syndrome is hysteroscopy. This procedure allows the doctor to put a telescope and camera into the uterus to see the whole uterine cavity.

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