How are penile adhesions and skin bridges treated?

Some penile adhesions may resolve on their own as an infant’s penis grows and with spontaneous erections.

Penile adhesions can be repaired in a urologist’s office or with a topical steroid cream that can be used at home. Repair in the urologist’s office requires a numbing lotion to be applied to your son’s penis prior to the adhesions being taken down. This lotion will stay on for 20-30 minutes. The steroid cream used at home needs to be applied twice per day for six weeks.

In some cases, skin bridges can be divided (cut) in a doctor’s office after a numbing cream is applied. Other skin bridges may need to be divided in the operating room.

If your child is still in diapers, you will be asked to retract the extra skin several times per day and apply petroleum jelly such as Vaseline® to prevent adhesions. If the diaper is wet and sticky, this can increase the chance of penile adhesions.

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