How is anterior ischemic optic neuropathy treated?

Treatment of NA-AION

The focus of treatment is on the underlying cardiovascular disease or other risk factors that help trigger and aggravate NA-AION. This can help control the condition and prevent additional loss of vision.

Studies of several surgical and medical therapies have not shown any improvement in outcome for NA-AION compared to observation alone.

Treatment of A-AION

Management of A-AION is in effect the same as management of giant cell arteritis. In short, this means quick and accurate diagnosis followed by immediate emergency-level corticosteroid therapy. High doses of steroids are given for two to three weeks then tapered back over time, but a lifelong low-dose regimen is usually needed to prevent blindness. In all cases, the results of ESR and CRP tests — as well as patient symptoms ― should be relied on to guide the levels of steroids given.

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