How can I make sure I have a healthy penis?

There are some steps you can take to help maintain penis health and prevent issues that can impact your penis. Some are:

  • Keep your penis clean. Wash it gently every day with a mild soap and water. If you still have your foreskin, be sure to clean underneath it as well.
  • Check your penis on a routine basis. (This check should include all of your sex organs such as your testicles and scrotum.) Check for anything that looks odd or wasn’t there the last time you checked.
  • Limit your sex partners. Use a condom when you have sex, unless you are trying to have a baby.
  • Protect your penis during sports and other rough activities. Wear a protective cup if needed.
  • Stop smoking. It is bad for your total health and your penis health as well.
  • Manage your health. Many medical conditions and even the drugs you take for them can have an effect on how your penis functions.
  • See your doctor right away if you experience any changes to your penis.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 12/23/2014.


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