What can I do to make nocturnal leg cramps go away if they happen?

Forcefully stretching the affected muscle is usually the most effective way to relieve the cramp. You might be able to relieve the cramp by walking around, jiggling your leg, or massaging the leg. Warm baths or showers may be helpful. Alternatively, applying ice has also shown some benefit.

Are there any medications that will treat nocturnal leg cramps?

If known, always try to treat the underlying cause first. Vitamin E supplements or Vitamin B complex may be helpful. Magnesium supplements have also shown some benefit, mostly in pregnant women. Diphenhydramine and calcium channel blockers may be suggested by your doctor. Quinine was previously used for the treatment of nocturnal leg cramps. However, due to its potential for serious and life-threatening adverse effects (cardiac arrhythmias, thrombocytopenia, and hypersensitivity reactions), it is no longer recommended as a treatment option.

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