What is the outlook for people with hemophilia?

People with hemophilia can expect to have a lifespan and lifestyle that is relatively normal, as long as they are educated about their condition and have adequate treatment. The outlook for people with inhibitors is less hopeful, especially for those who are considered high responders. (Their immune system is very active against the clotting factors.) However, with the new medications being developed for this patient group there is reason for optimism.

When should I contact the doctor if I have hemophilia or if my child has hemophilia?

After a head injury you should go to an emergency room immediately, especially if symptoms such as headache, weakness and vomiting develop. With head trauma, you or your child should not take any type of pain reliever until you are told to do so by your doctor.

You should also contact your doctor or go to the emergency room in the case of other injuries in which bleeding cannot be easily controlled with factor infusion and local measures.

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