How is gingivitis treated?

Treatment for gingivitis aims to control the infection and restore healthy teeth and gums. Your dentist or periodontist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove harmful bacteria, plaque and tartar. Additional treatments include:

  • Perform scaling and root planing: Scaling removes tartar and bacteria from teeth and from underneath your gums. Planing smooths the surfaces of the roots of the teeth. This step helps prevent bacteria from sticking.
  • Offer dental restoration: Your dentist may fix or remove crowns, fillings or bridges that stick out or don’t fit right. Smoother surfaces are easier to keep clean.
  • Recommend an oral hygiene routine: A good dental cleaning usually clears up gingivitis. But you need to keep the cleanliness going once you return home. You’ll learn how to properly clean your teeth and get help scheduling checkups.
  • Write a prescription: An antimicrobial mouth rinse can help destroy bad bacteria.

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