Tips from Teens: Stay Healthy in School

How do you stay healthy?

Bring healthy snacks to school
Katie G. age 17

Walk for 1 hour every day, it’s also a stress reliever
Erica F. age 18

Watch portion sizes
Jane P. age 17

Don’t drink soda, or eat fast food. Drink a lot of water
Brandon S. age 18

Drink milk, join a sports team
Joe K. age 18

Take the stairs, and not the elevator
Julie D. age 17

Try not to eat too late, eat before 8 or 8:30 every school night. Also, exercise every day by walking or running
Cameron P. age 17

It's okay to indulge every once in a while, but pick carefully what your favorite things are. Don’t indulge on a whole bag of pretzels you don’t even like
Wynne M. age 18

Drink a sufficient amount of water every day
Hannah G. age 17

Join the school or local gym and lift weights. And, take a jog outside when the weather is nice
Steve D. age 18

Always eat breakfast, and eat more small meals rather than fewer large meals
Travis E. age 18

Eat an apple every morning for breakfast, and drink 2 bottles of water every day
Ashley M. age 17

Do something, anything, active every day.
Gabe T. age 19

Work out 3 times a week, when not in season for a sport
Brian T. age 18

Play sports at schools, work out outside of season, and eat a lot of fruit
Rosario N. age 18

Sleep a minimum of 8 hours a night
J.R. O. age 18

Try all the activities that your school offers, so you don’t get bored. It will also allow you to meet different groups of people, and it’s nice to work out and be active with friends. Also, keep healthy snacks with you, so you don’t snack on foods that aren’t good for you
Sarah K. age 19

Get enough sleep, and wash your hands
Julie L. age 17

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Reviewed: 12/2013

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