Smoking Cessation

  • Smokeless In Cleveland - A smoking cessation program provided by registered respiratory therapists, behavioral medicine staff and supported by physicians to help any smoker quit; located at various Cleveland Clinic Health System (CCHS) locations. Call 440.312.6741.
  • The CCF Smoking Cessation Program offers a variety of methods to help people who want to become nonsmokers. The program features four three-hour classes in a five-week period. For more information about the program, please call 216.986.4000 in Independence or 440.943.6340 in Willoughby.
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Nutrition & Weight Management

  • To make an appointment with a registered dietitian, call the Cleveland Clinic Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation Program - 216.444.9353 or 800.223.2273 ext. 49353 - Or have an eClevelandclinic Nutrition Consultation.
  • For information on our "Cooking For Your Heart" Culinary Program, 216.445.4308.
  • Weight Management: A Team Approach - 10-week program for individuals who are under a doctor’s care for weight management, conducted by clinicians from the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology with licensed registered dietitians. Call 216.444.6115 or 800 223.2273, ext. 46115 for more information.
  • A Healthier Weigh - An 8 week nutrition and fitness group designed to teach you a step-by-step approach to developing healthy eating habits. Presented by registered, licensed dietitians from the Department of Nutrition Therapy who provide one-on-one feedback, tailored to your lifestyle. Call 216.444.3046 or 800.223.2273, ext. 43046 for more information.
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Stress Management

General Information

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