Program Coordinator: Franck Rahaghi, MD

Duration: 4 weeks
Availability: Year round
No. of Students: 2
Time: Full time


To provide the student with an opportunity to gain knowledge and increase clinical skills in evaluation and therapy of the critically ill patient.


The student will be expected to see patients in the medical-surgical ICUs under the close supervision of a medical resident. Patient evaluation and management will be discussed with the attending critical care physician. The student will be encouraged to perform procedures under the direction of the staff physician and senior ICU residents.

The rotation is designed to give the student exposure to patients afflicted with respiratory failure, cardiogenic shock, sepsis and other typical Intensive Care Unit problems. There will be introduction to the technical aspects of hemodynamic monitoring and some opportunity to learn the technical procedures such as insertion of internal jugular line, arterial cannulae and flow-directed catheters. In addition, the students will be expected to familiarize themselves with many of the different aspects of ventilator care.

The rotation will be designed so that the student can spend time with the medical residents in the Intensive Care Unit learning the various approaches to the critically ill patient. The student will be expected to take night call with a medical resident.


An evaluation will be provided for each student at the end of the rotation.

Evaluation forms are given to staff members to whom the student is assigned. A report will be given to deans and phase coordinators on request.