Patient Experience Assessment: 90 and Beyond®

Start Your Journey Off Right

In 2011, Cleveland Clinic introduced an assessment program to establish strengths, identify opportunities and generate plans to improve patient experience within our own system. The results of that effort significantly boosted Cleveland Clinic’s overall ranking in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) survey of patient satisfaction.

Based on the success of that program, Cleveland Clinic Experience Partners created Patient Experience Assessment: 90 and Beyond® to help other organizations better understand their current state of patient experience and identify ways to help drive improvement. The vision and goal of each assessment is to help participating organizations prioritize initiatives and reach for the 90th percentile in key HCAHPS domains.

Why Get an Assessment?

Why Get an Assessment?

  • Ensures accurate, objective results
  • Helpful in aligning all phases of your organization
  • Useful in prioritizing efforts for improvement
  • Won’t burden your staff or bog down daily operations
  • Benefit from having a third-party, expert perspective
Phases of Your Assessment

Phases of Your Assessment

Phase I: Discovery

  • Cleveland Clinic Experience Partners professionals will conduct half-hour interviews with executive leadership across your entire organization.
  • When available, our team will review and analyze information regarding existing level of patient experience using CAHPS scores and verbatim comments.

Phase II: Observation

  • We’ll visit your facilities over the course of several days to conduct on-site evaluations and focus group discussions designed to assess the culture, process and service behaviors you have in place.
  • Areas of focus range from Service Excellence and CAHPS Awareness to Cleanliness and Staff Responsiveness.

Phase III: Reporting

  • Cleveland Clinic Experience Partners will compile a report (8-12 weeks after the assessment is complete) that objectively analyzes your results. You will also be debriefed on the report via conference call.
  • Our team will define the strengths of your organization and develop recommendations around areas of opportunity.
  • Three months after the report, Experience Partners will follow up to discuss progress and barriers as you create a long-term, sustainable relationship-centered culture within your organization.