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Cleveland Clinic Department of Bioethics supports healthcare professionals with 24/7, real-time ethics consultation services when hospitals and healthcare professionals confront difficult choices in patient care and face immediate pressure to reach a decision.
Expert Help for Ethical Challenges
e-Ethics Consultation

Expert Help for Ethical Challenges

Advances in medical technology have caused healthcare professionals, patients and their families to struggle negotiating the boundaries between what medicine can and should do. Unfortunately, not all health care professionals have access to trained Clinical Ethicists to help in the decisions.

e-Ethics uses state-of-the-art digital resources to connect you with our highly trained and experienced staff of Clinical Ethicists in real time. These professionals conduct more than 300 consultations each year and will:

  • Identify and analyze value uncertainty or conflict
  • Promote communication and a respectful atmosphere for decision-making
  • Recommend dispute-resolution strategies
  • Facilitate the process of building a principled ethical resolution
Interested in an e-Ethics consultation?

Interested in an e-Ethics consultation?

e-Ethics consultation is strictly advisory, meaning that we do not take over decision-making. Patients, family members and healthcare professionals retain decision-making authority.

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