Environmental Services Advisory Group

Keeping your facilities clean and safe directly impacts patient satisfaction scores, CMS reimbursement and bottom-line operating costs. Engage your employees to deliver high-quality environmental services. Let Cleveland Clinic Experience Partners show you the way.

For your environmental services to meet cleanliness and compliance standards, your operation needs a direction to follow and your staff needs to be empowered to make a difference. Cleveland Clinic Experience Partners offers experts who specialize in identifying and correcting gaps in service levels, productivity, employee engagement, patient safety and expenditures.

Helping Your Organization Become Efficient & Effective

Let us help you create programs and processes that:

  • Identify and focus on key performance drivers for HCAHPS.
  • Implement ES care paths including standardized procedures and process improvements.
  • Utilize tools and processes to improve patient experience, productivity and employee engagement.
  • Achieve operational savings by managing supply chain, reducing waste and optimizing labor.
  • Reduce HAI risks to ensure patient safety.
  • Sustain results through hardwiring processes and ongoing use of scorecards.