Chronic Variable Immunodeficiency: Percentage of CVID patients who meet diagnostic, evaluation and treatment guidelines (2015-2019)

Percentage of CVID Patients Who Meet Diagnostic, Evaluation, and Treatment Guidelines (2015-2019)


CT = computed tomography, CVID = common variable immunodeficiency, IgA = immunoglobulin A, IgG = immunoglobulin G, IgM = immunoglobulin M, LFT = liver function test, PFT = pulmonary function testing

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It is recommended that patients with Common Variable Immunodeficiency have baseline response to multiple vaccines as well as evaluation of B cell subsets at the time of diagnosis.³ Spirometry or a CT scan of the chest, IgG level, liver function tests, and creatinine levels are recommended as yearly follow-up testing. These guidelines are based on expert panel recommendations formulated through the Immune Deficiency Foundation as well as published recommendations of experts in the field.¹,² B cell subsets are recommended in the initial lab testing due to recent publications indicating their value in predicting future clinical course.³

Statistics and outcome measures were gathered from EPIC and local EMR records for patient visits in 2019.