Translating Research for Personalized Care

Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare

The Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare (CPGH) is the clinical component of the Genomic Medicine Institute, part of Lerner Research Institute. CPGH offers patients comprehensive clinical genetics services, using each patient's genome to guide individual care. The center's genetic counselors are actively engaged in clinical research, education and awareness, public policy and patient advocacy. The work done at CPGH has led to innovative diagnostic risk assessments, clinical tools and improved quality of life for patients and at-risk family members.

CPGH Patient Volume

In 2007, CPGH saw nearly 1,500 patients. In 2017, the center served over 4,500 patients. This is a 225% increase.

Expanded Appointment Models

CPGH offers a variety of appointment models to deliver optimum and convenient genetic counseling to as many patients as possible. In 2017, 112 patients utilized the virtual appointment model at Cleveland Clinic Cancer Centers in Mansfield and Sandusky, Ohio. Additionally, 12 patients utilized shared medical appointments at the Beachwood Breast Center.

Appointment Model Patient Visits Location(s)
Virtual Appointments 112 Cleveland Clinic Cancer Centers (Mansfield, Sandusky)
Shared Medical Appointments 12 Beachwood Breast Center

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