Congenital Heart Disease - Drs. Pettersson and Najm

Congenital Heart Disease

A congenital heart problem is a heart problem present at birth. Many patients need several surgeries in their lifetime to correct these problems. Cleveland Clinic surgeons are experienced in treating patients with all types of congenital heart disease, even patients who have very complicated medical conditions and histories. Despite these challenges, the mortality rate (percentage of patients who die) for patients who have these types of surgery is lower at Cleveland Clinic (represented by blue bars) than the predicted rate at similar hospitals (represented by the orange bars).

Adult Congenital Heart Surgery

Cleveland Clinic surgeons performed 151 open heart surgeries on patients with congenital heart disease in 2016. This number does not include patients with bicuspid aortic valves and connective tissue disorders. Many of these patients have very complex medical backgrounds and conditions, and have had multiple surgeries. Despite these challenges, the in-hospital mortality rate for adult congenital heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic in 2016 was low at 0.7%.

2016 Outcomes: Congenital Heart Disease Adult Congenital Heart Surgery In-Hospital Mortality

Pediatric Congenital Heart Surgery

Cleveland Clinic surgeons performed 192 pediatric congenital heart surgeries in 2016. The in-hospital mortality rate for pediatric congenital heart surgery patients in 2016 was well below the expected rate (orange bar) of 3.1%.

2016 Outcomes: Congenital Heart Disease Pediatric Congenital Hearty Surgery In-Hospital Mortality

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