Pre- and Post- Adult Liver Transplant Outcomes

Cleveland Clinic celebrated over 30 years of liver transplantation since completing its first adult liver transplant on November 8, 1984. The liver transplant program is an essential component of a broad medical and surgical strategy to manage all patients with liver disease with the therapy most appropriate to that patient. Moreover, Cleveland Clinic’s Living liver donor program is the only one in Ohio performing both adult and pediatric living-donor liver transplants.

Adult Liver Transplant, Patients Referred, Evaluated, and Listed

2015 - 2019

Adult Liver Transplant, Patient Removals from Waitlist

2015 - 2019

Removals includes all removals for reasons other than death and transplantation
Deaths includes patient deaths while on the liver transplant wait-list

Transplant Rate, Adult Patients Waiting for Liver Transplantation

2015 -2019

Transplant rate is calculated in person-years (days converted to fractional years): the number of days from Jan. 1 or from the date of first wait-listing until death, transplantation, 60 days after recovery, transfer, or Dec. 31. The expected transplant rate is adjusted for age, blood type, medical urgency status, time on wait-list, and previous transplantation.

Source: Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR)

Adult Liver Transplant, Median Length of Stay

2015 - 2019

Adult Liver Transplant, Thirty-Day Readmission Rate

2015 - 2019

Readmission rate calculated based on QAPI defined algorithm.