Head and Neck Cancer

Contralateral Neck Failure in Well Lateralized Oral Cavity Cancer


Bilateral neck treatment is not routinely recommended to manage well-lateralized early T-stage oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma with or without ipsilateral confined neck disease. This study sought to define the incidence and pathological predictors of contralateral nodal failure in this subset of patients.

Cumulative Incidence of Neck Failure in Patients With Well Lateralized Oral Cavity Cancer (N = 176)


Well lateralized early T-stage oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma and clinically node negative contralateral neck is associated with low contralateral neck failure after ipsilateral therapy. Omission of adjuvant radiation therapy to the contralateral neck is reasonable in small lateralized tumors. This was a large multi-institutional effort led by Cleveland Clinic through the Multi-Institutional Oral Cavity Cancer Collaborative which includes Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Henry Ford Health System, H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Princess Alexandra Hospital/University of Queensland, and Washington University in St. Louis.


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