Weight & Lifestyle Management

At Cleveland Clinic Canada our experts give you the skills and tools to make the changes you need to lose weight, maintain weight loss, and improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Have you ever wondered why many capable, motivated people have difficulty losing weight or maintaining weight loss?

So have we. At Cleveland Clinic Canada, we have gathered the evidence and are pleased to offer a different kind of weight loss program. We focus not only on helping you achieve your optimal weight but also on providing you with the tools and strategies to help you sustain healthy lifestyle changes. It is an intensive program that requires significant commitment and readiness. Our team of specialists uses best practice guidelines to help you set specific and achievable goals.

Our Weight and Lifestyle Management (WLM) program is unique because it goes beyond the traditional diet and exercise mentality by using an evidence-based and interdisciplinary approach. You will benefit from working closely with a team that includes a Case Manager, Registered Dietitian, Registered Psychologist/ Psychotherapist and Exercise Physiologist who design a customized program based on your unique medical history, lifestyle and goals. 

Ideal for

  • Weight loss
  • Patients seeking an intensive program that includes weight management and lifestyle modification solutions in a safe, controlled, clinical environment.
  • Improved health, energy and wellness
  • Patients with one or more health concerns, such as smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, weight problems, hyperlipidemia, or a family history of heart disease.


  • Identify and achieve your optimal weight
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and tools ensure long-term success with healthy lifestyle changes
  • Reduce your risk of chronic disease such as heart attack, diabetes and stroke
  • Enjoy improved fitness, self-esteem, and overall physical and mental health

Your Team

  • Case Manager:
    Assists you in establishing SMART (specific, measurable, action, realistic and time specific) goals, helps you troubleshoot obstacles you may encounter, and provides you with weekly support and motivational coaching. In clinical trials, people who work with a coach are five times more successful at losing weight.
  • Registered Dietitian:
    Takes a precise measurement of the number of calories you burn at rest each day using state-of-the-art equipment.  From these results and clinical experience, provides you with a personalized dietary plan. Assists you with meal planning, portion sizes, dining out and creating appetizing meals. Helps you develop strategies to manage hunger and cravings, and feel comfortable and satisfied with your new way of eating.
  • Exercise Physiologist:
    Conducts an assessment of cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and lean body mass. Testing includes a VO2 max test which is driven by innovative technology to gauge precisely how your metabolism is functioning during all stages of exercise. The results will be used to create and monitor a fitness plan that works specifically for you.
  • Registered Psychologist/Psychotherapist:
    Uses several evidence-based approaches including cognitive-behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and emotion-focused therapy to address factors that may be blocking your success. These factors can include emotional eating, stress, negative and self-sabotaging thought patterns, relationships, mood states, anxiety, and sleep disturbance. Teaches effective coping strategies and, if relevant, helps you develop a healthy body image.

Two Program Options: Comprehensive and à la Carte

1. Comprehensive Program:
  • Collaborate with your family physician to follow and support your progress, including review of blood work, blood pressure and other medical tests.  If you do not have a family physician we will help you find one.
  • Weekly support/coaching with your Case Manager.
  • Resting Metabolic Rate testing – learn the number of calories you burn at rest.
  • VO2Max testing- Measures the ability of your muscles to use oxygen during exercise. As you increase your VO2 max, you improve your stamina, endurance and energy levels for daily activities. You also increase your ability to burn more calories when you are active.
  • Body composition testing, with a focus on lean muscle mass.
  • Individualized consults with a Registered Dietitian, an Exercise Physiologist and a Registered Psychologist/Psychotherapist.
  • Personalized supplementary material from your team, which can include articles, handouts, recipes and mobile device apps to assist you in your long-term weight maintenance and health.
2. À la Carte Program:

We all have individual needs when it comes to addressing weight and lifestyle change. Therefore we offer the option of building your own program that will suit your specific needs. The à la carte option gives you the flexibility to work with members of the team best suited to help you achieve your optimal weight and health-related goals. The à la carte program includes all or some combination of visits with the Case Manager, Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and Registered Psychologist/Psychotherapist. Please speak to the program Case Manager about building your own à la carte program.

Extended Program Options

It takes between one to three months for new a behaviour to be established as a habit. That may not be enough time to reach your weight loss or health goal. Completing either the comprehensive or à la carte program is the launching point to developing and solidifying healthy lifestyle habits. Guidelines issued jointly by the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology and The Obesity Society recommend an interdisciplinary lifestyle program that lasts at least six months. 

Our purpose is to support you in creating and sustaining a new lifestyle that allows you to achieve your weight and health goals. We offer a variety of personalized options to extend your program. Please speak with your Case Manager about these options.

How to Reach Us

For more information, please contact:

Laura Vermander, Registered Dietitian

Weight and Lifestyle Management Program Case Manager

Phone: 416.507.6688

Toll-free: 888.507.6885

Email: wlm@ccf.org