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At Cleveland Clinic, "Patients First" means safe, high value and high quality care delivered by a team of coordinated and empathic caregivers. “Patients First” is our guiding principle to ensuring exceptional outcomes, improving population health and reducing the cost of care, generating value for patients, payors and communities.

We continue to drive innovation in our integrated care model, through which our caregivers provide safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and relationship-centered care that is accessible, affordable and meets patients’ desired outcomes.

Our Commitment to Patients First

Our Commitment to Patients First

Patient Experience

Through our Office of Patient Experience, we provide exceptional programs and services to support patients at every step of their care path.

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Patient Safety & Quality of Care Data

We track many indicators of safety, quality of care and satisfaction to ensure continuous improvement of patient experiences and outcomes.

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Integrated Care

Our caregivers work seamlessly as a team to deliver consistent, patient-centered care to enhance outcomes while lowering costs.

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