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Lifestyle Medicine Overview

The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute Center for Disease Reversal first opened its doors for patients in 2008 with the introduction of the Lifestyle 180® program. This program was developed based on more than 25 years of research, as well as the principle that lifestyle management can reverse a spectrum of common chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some early cancers. Through 2013, the Lifestyle 180® program helped over 700 participants who struggled with the effects of chronic disease.

As the role of wellness expanded, the Center for Lifestyle Medicine emerged in 2011 with an expanded scope of wellness offerings unique to Northeast Ohio. New programs and services were developed and rolled out in early 2012, with a continued commitment to blending evidence-based medicine with a group wellness experience. By 2013, the Center for Lifestyle Medicine was the first in Ohio to offer Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease – an Intensive Cardiac Rehab Program rolled out as the Cardiac Lifestyle Intervention Program (CLIP).

Staffed with wellness professionals who are experts in Lifestyle Medicine, including Nutrition, Fitness, Yoga, Stress Management and Culinary education, the Center continues to expand its outreach. Using classroom instruction which includes a comprehensive curriculum, coupled with a practical and engaging experiential component, participants are empowered to lead healthier lives. Our experts work with patients on an out-patient basis, in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic in-patient care teams, as well as with corporate clients and municipal business partners to promote and sustain an employee wellness based culture.

What problems can Lifestyle Medicine treat?

Lifestyle modifications can help prevent or manage:

By making smart food choices, managing your stress in a healthy way and exercising, you take control over your health and participate in your own healing.


“I entered “LifeStyle 180” in February 2010, less than a year after back surgery. While meeting with my primary care physician several months after the surgery and expressing how fortunate I was with a great surgical outcome, we both agreed that at age 62 I was not on a good health path - overweight, slightly hypertensive, and in poor physical shape. She told me about a startup program at the Cleveland Clinic called “LifeStyle 180.” At age 62, I certainly thought I knew enough about proper diet and exercise, but after attending an introductory lecture I determined that the program was a perfect fit for me. It started to become clear how little I really did know about taking good care of my body.

The program has clearly been a life changing experience for me. Not only have I learned how to shop and prepare food properly, but I have also benefited from the yoga, exercise and mind/body portions of this life-changing program.

I have lost and kept off approximately 40 pounds and I am healthier and stronger than I can ever remember as an adult. Clearly, the program has been a challenge for me. I feel like I am constantly fighting against the many factors in our environment and society that can keep me from succeeding. However, through ongoing classes on healthy eating, exercise and a mental awareness and support on what is good for me I continue to stay engaged. For me, this comprehensive “whole body” program, “LifeStyle 180,” has done exactly what the name infers, created a complete 180 degree turn around in my health.”


“Lifestyle 180 has helped me make the changes I have been trying to grasp for years! It is such a well-balanced program that puts healthy living in perspective one challenge at a time.

I have tried for years to get my weight and activity levels under control, this program opens the door and welcomes you in to start a new journey of healthy living. I never realized how for me personally stress was a stumbling block preventing me from making the necessary changes to live a healthy lifestyle. The stress management along with the yoga made a huge impact on me making positive changes to my day to day living needed to succeed and overcome my lifestyle demons.

I started the 12 week journey September 2012 and have continued on the healthy path ever since, it is not a diet it is forever. Thanks to the Lifestyle program I have been able to lose 30 + pounds and feel wonderful, I am blessed not to have any major health issues and now am living a preventable lifestyle.

I am very grateful to Dr. Golubic who is one of the most caring, encouraging, down to earth professionals I have ever meet. Our conversations were like talking to an old friend, I always walked away encouraged and empowered with new tools to live a healthy life. I also enjoyed and would like to thank the entire staff who were incredible.

I look forward to attending lifestyle events in the future to help me continue my journey and will not hesitate to ask for help if I stumble.”

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