Locations & Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling a MRI or Patient Exam is Easy

All Cleveland Clinic STAR Imaging facilities accept phone and fax orders for exams. Please click on the links to the left for the contact numbers of the facility nearest you. Site-specific fax order forms can also be downloaded at these location links.

When scheduling a MRI or patient exam by phone, please have the following information available:

  • Patient name
  • Patient contact information
  • Type of exam to be completed
  • Referring physician name and contact numbers
  • Patient's insurance information
  • Brief medical history

We Have a Location Near You

We think it is important that the quality MRI and imaging services available at Cleveland Clinic be available in other communities. Patients have increasingly busy schedules. Traveling to and from appointments and waiting in between is burdensome. Our STAR Imaging facilities are located in your community. They are located in convenient facilities with easy free parking.

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