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Workplace Wellness

Cleveland Clinic is proof that wellness works. With more than 40,000 employees, we are Ohio’s second-largest employer – and one of the healthiest. Since 2005, our organization has implemented a strategic wellness focus, transforming the health behaviors of our employee population, achieving positive engagement, reducing healthcare costs and, now, helping other organizations achieve their own paths to wellness.

Through a partnership with Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Enterprise, your organization will:

  • Understand...
    Effectively engage employees based on your company’s unique strengths, mission, philosophy and values.
  • Implement...
    Utilize expert programming based on medical science, clinical research and proven outcomes.
  • Change...
    Achieve and sustain goals through a positive shift in workplace culture, while tracking success through robust metrics and reporting.
  • Energize...
    Allow your employees and organization to evolve together into a healthy, resilient and vibrant team.

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